Hey y'all!

What better way to start a blog than an introduction, right? First off, I can't express a sufficient amount of gratitude to all of you for supporting me and entertaining this hobby of mine. This website, this blog, probably a lot of my photos would not exist if it wasn't for the support I've received from my great people. All of the words of encouragement and enthusiasm on your part is the sole reason I have gotten to this point.


I'm Katie, and I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee with my sweet boyfriend, Marco. I'm originally from Virginia, and I attended the University of Virginia and received my Bachelor's in English. I've always found myself through writing, reading, generally any art form involving the use of words. And then I began taking photos and finding myself through a new medium. Until recently, calling myself a photographer for some reason felt like an insult to all of the photographers I know and/or admire. I've since come to the realization that if I don't take myself seriously, why should anyone else? And I want that. I do photography as a hobby, but I love it deeply and I take it seriously, so I want others to take me seriously as well.

Me and dad in Hilo, Hawaii

and in San Francisco, California

This life has blessed me.

In so many ways. And almost in some sort of ripple-effect. For example, I have literally the best dad in the entire world. (The best family in general. Not taking away from them at all; this part of me just relates to my dad more so.) I'm serious, ask anyone that knows either of us. He has a job that requires a love of the outdoors, so I grew up primarily outside. Whether it was footing around at work with him, playing outside, sports, camping - you name it, we did it. Because of this lifestyle, we've always had the travel bug. My summers growing up were spent camping on the shore - he's always been my best travel buddy! Those of you who can relate know what I mean. Seeing the beauty of the world is truly addicting. Once you get a taste, you want to consume it all. Take in every inch. And further, because we've been fortunate enough to travel, I picked up a passion for taking photos. And here we are. Everything is intertwined.

My intention.

In starting this blog, and really this whole website, my intention is to share and inspire. To spread the travel bug (honestly, I think this quarantine is doing a fine job of that itself, am I right?). To showcase, to the best of my ability, the beauty of this world. To stimulate curiosity and activity. And to get back to writing. I've kind of lost my footing with writing, and I want to right that (words are fun). I want this blog to possess my voice and I want it to feel personal. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my thoughts and ideas, as they relate to nature/travel but also to the world and my life as a whole.

This is a brand new journey for me, and I'm excited to bring y'all along with me :)